Hops Growers and Oregon Wire

We all love the beer that comes from the Pacific Northwest. That means attention is due for hops growers. Find out below how Oregon Wire supports this community of producers.

This month, the Hop Growers of America held their 65th annual American Hop Convention. For the past 30 years, Oregon Wire has expertly serviced the hops grower industry as it has grown and expanded in the Pacific Northwest. As the brewing industry focused on high quality hops to yield better product, hops growers know and trust Oregon Wire and our reliable products.

Our focus for hops growers is based on several key products:

Guy Strand and Hop Cable: Although used regularly in the telecoms industries, guy strand or hop cable, is a valuable resource and product for hops growers. In particular, hops growers need to be aware and only purchase hop cable that has the ASTM A 475 specification. There are all kinds of wire strengths out in the industry, but Oregon Wire extra-high strength grade hop cable is the highest quality you can buy. Going for lesser-strength cable can provide problems with bridles and your hops growing operation. Our hop cable is only sold with solid wood reels. Although a point some might overlook, using solid wood reels ensures you can pull wire effectively and without a reel collapsing on you. Hop cable is stocked locally in Wapato, WA and in Portland, OR.

Coir Twine: Coir twine is a great product for hops growers. Our twine is sourced from a high-quality twine vendor based in Sri Lanka with over 45 years of experience. The coir twine fiber we use is from mature coconut fiber, never white palm fiber in the process. Using younger coconut fiber or white palm fiber can yield thicker coir twine that can prevent hops clips from holding, among other issues. All of Oregon Wire’s stocked coir twine has a breaking strength of between 90 and 100 lbs with higher breaking strength coir twine available by request. We test our coir twine in North America and are happy to do any additional testing for hops growers. For added assurance, Oregon Wire also carries product liability insurance on coir twine. We take our coir twine very seriously, as your hops and the ability to harvest your hops greatly relies on this product.

Hops Bale Cloth: One of the new products Oregon Wire is bringing to the hops market in 2021, is hops bale cloth. We’ll be offering polypropylene and burlap bale cloth options depending on your preference. Available in sheets, we offer rolls of hops bale cloth and in a variety of dimensions. Our polypropylene bale cloth is food grade certified. Burlap hops bale cloth, used in the hops industry for a long time, is known for being eco-friendly and has a solid reputation among hops growers. Oregon Wire’s goal is to provide options for you and to be a one-stop-shop for our hops customers.

Hops Clips and Hardware: At our Portland, OR production facility, we make a variety of hardware options for hops growers. Along with trellises, staples, and U-Bolt clamps, one of our more popular options is our hops clips. Our standard “W” hops clips were designed to be load bearing and to support hops as they climb. Hops clips are fully customizable and we can easily adjust the clips to meet whatever your needs or specifications are. The standard “W” hops clips are available in-stock and samples can be shipped to any customer.

Season after season, hops growers rely on the quality products and customer service that Oregon Wire provides. With local and experienced sales team, you can be assured that your questions will be answered by an expert and someone with time in the commercial grower industries. Use the link below to get in touch today for a quote and to find out more.