Acoustical Ceiling Wire

Oregon Wire has been the Pacific Northwest’s premier wire fabrication company for over four decades, producing the strongest quality acoustical ceiling wire for the Portland Oregon area. We produce straight 12 gauge wire, 12 gauge wire with Ramset and Seismic clips for every job. Trying to use another type of wire in this application may be tempting, but it would never be quite right. Our acoustic ceiling hangers are specifically designed and manufactured with these types of ceilings in mind. The wire is shipped to you pre-cut to accurate lengths (4′, 6′, 8′ 10′, 12′, and 20′). Each bundle includes 100 wires, and custom lengths up to 30′ are available.

Acoustical Ceiling Wire


It is common for acoustic ceilings to be employed in a number of contexts. They’re not only common in offices, but also in places like schools and hospitals. Besides the acoustic advantages referred to in the name, these ceilings are also inexpensive, simple to install, and accessible for maintenance. You’ll need the appropriate acoustical ceiling wire on hand if you plan to build or repair this type of ceiling. In order to meet your needs, Oregon Wire offers this product in a variety of lengths.

Straightened and cut to a certain length, this 12-gauge soft wire (hanger wire) is used. Standard commercial coating is hot dipped galvanizing on the 1006 carbon wire, which has a maximum tensile strength of 55-72 psi.


A different sort of wire may seem appealing, but it would never be just perfect for this application. Specifically, our acoustical ceiling wire has been designed and made for these ceilings.

To begin, it is made of 12 gauge steel, which is the industry standard for drop ceilings. The wire is made of 1006 carbon and is coated with a standard commercial galvanic coating. Also, it has been straightened to make it easier to install. In addition to the pre-cut lengths, the wire is supplied to you already pre-measured for your convenience. There are 100 wires in each bundle, and custom lengths are available up to 30 feet.

Part NumberLengthDescription
05AW.5.22′12.5ga X 2′ CEILING WIRE (100/BUNDLE)
05AW.5.33′12.5ga X 3′ CEILING WIRE (100/BUNDLE)
05AW.5.44′12.5ga X 4′ CEILING WIRE (100/BUNDLE)
05AW.5.55′12.5ga X 5′ CEILING WIRE (100/BUNDLE)
05AW.5.66′12.5ga X 6′ CEILING WIRE (100/BUNDLE)
05AW.5.88′12.5ga X 8′ CEILING WIRE (100/BUNDLE)
05AW.5.1010′12.5ga X 10′ CEILING WIRE (100/BUNDLE)
05AW.5.1212′12.5ga X 12′ CEILING WIRE (100/BUNDLE)
05AW.5.1414′12.5ga X 14′ CEILING WIRE (100/BUNDLE)
05AW.5.1616′12.5ga X 16′ CEILING WIRE (100/BUNDLE)
05AW.5.1818′12.5ga X 18′ CEILING WIRE (100/BUNDLE)
05AW.5.2020′12.5ga X 20′ CEILING WIRE (100/BUNDLE)
05AW.5.2424′12.5ga X 24′ CEILING WIRE (100/BUNDLE)
05AW.5.3030′12.5ga X 30′ CEILING WIRE (100/BUNDLE)
Acoustical Ceiling Wire w/ramset clip
Acoustical Ceiling Wire
Acoustical Ceiling


There is no room for error when it comes to choosing the proper acoustical ceiling wire for your project. Customers will attest to our dedication to selling high-quality products at reasonable costs.  We offer straight ceiling wire as well as 90 degree clips and Ramset clips attached.

We offer will call service from our Portland, Oregon manufacturing facility as well as shipping options nationwide.

We also offer volume pricing, contact your sales rep today for a quote.

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