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  • High Tensile Trellis Wire
    • Class 1 & 3 Galvanized
    • 100# Coil or Continuous Coil on Stands
    • 9 Ga, 12.5 Ga & 14 Ga - High Tensile
    • 1 x 7 Guy Strand
    • Aircraft Cabe
  • Training Stakes
    • Formed Steel
    • Pencil Rod
    • Bamboo
    • Looped-end Stakes
  • Custom Trellis Systems
    • Notched Steel Post
    • Wood Post
    • Hybrid Hoop
    • Cross Arms
    • V-Style & Vertical
  • Steel Earth Anchors
  • Steel End Posts
  • Wire Tensioners
  • Nico Press
  • U-Bolt & Staples
  • Grow Tubes & Cartons
  • Tie Tape & Electrical Tape
  • Tie Tubing & Twine
  • Clips - Post & Wire
  • Custom wire products
V-Trellis, Custom Trellis by Oregon Wire

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Generational Expertises

Oregon Wire has been servicing farmers and commercial growers for the past 46 years which means we know what you need and what product is best for your crops.

We are proud to have knowledgeable and personable account managers that can assist with your every need and have products that work perfectly for almost any industry.

We've developed custom products such as; Apple and Hop Clips that are essential for harvest, looped nursery stakes and custom steel wire trellis system.  We have also designed and manufacture products for the cannabis industry; including custom cages and pot stands.

Support What You Grow

A custom steel wire trellis from Oregon Wire provides a sturdy framework for supporting the weight of fruit-bearing branches. It helps to train the branches in a desired shape and prevents them from sagging or breaking under the weight of the fruit. By securing the branches to the trellis, growers can optimize sunlight exposure and airflow around the trees, enhancing fruit quality and reducing the risk of diseases.

A well-designed trellis system allows growers to maximize the use of available space and optimize tree density. By training the branches along the trellis, fruit trees can be planted closer together, effectively increasing the number of trees per acre. This higher tree density can lead to higher overall fruit yields.

Oregon Wire trellis system allows for easier access to the fruit, making harvesting more efficient. With the branches spread out along the trellis, fruit can be easily seen and reached, reducing the risk of damage during harvesting. Similarly, pruning becomes more manageable as the branches are organized and clearly defined along the trellis wires, allowing for selective pruning and improved tree structure.


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