Hops “W” Clips W/Dimple

Proudly made in the USA in Portland, Oregon.


Hops “W” Clips W/Dimple

Oregon Wire should be your first choice for Hop “W” Clips w/dimple. We have been servicing farmers and commercial growers for the past 46 years which means we know what you need and what product are best for your crops. We are proud to have knowledgeable and personable account managers that can assist with your every need and have products that work perfectly for almost any industry.

We’ve developed custom products such as for the Apple and Hop industry that are essential for harvest including looped nursery stakes and custom steel wire trellis system.  We have also designed and manufacture products for the cannabis industry; including custom cages and pot stands.

Hops “W” Clips Specs

  • 5000 per box
  • Made in our Portland, Oregon facility.

Please Call 509-655-8980 or fill out form to order.

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