Black Annealed Mechanic Wire 5lb

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Black Annealed Mechanic Wire

Our Mechanic Wire is available in 5lb rolls, 8 rolls per case.  Sold by the case.

Black Annealed wire is very durable in nature but has the added bonus of being flexible and easier to use – making it one of the most popular forms of tie and bale wire. It has a light, even coating of oil.  We offer 5 lb spools, 14 – 22 gauge diameter of Black Annealed Mechanic Wire in case pack of 8 rolls per case.

What is Black Annealed Wire

Annealed Wire is cold drawn low carbon steel wire which is produced through an annealing heat treatment based on a controlled nitrogen atmosphere, assuring a completely scale-free surface. This process gives the wire the characteristic of high ductility. The annealing process makes the wire high ductility and resistance suitable for diverse uses. Consistent smoothness across the wire. The advantage makes Annealed wire very malleable and great for tying.


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