Premium Grid Hanging Basket

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Premium Grid Hanging Basket

This is the basket that makes the people happy.  Folks from across the nation order the Oregon Wire Premium Hanging Basket.  This exceptionally sturdy basket can hold a 250 pound man standing on it. Our Premium Baskets comes with a rigid wire hanger, which can detach for transporting, and a lovely coco liner.  Our coco liners are made from compressed coconut fibers, the liners hold the soil in wire baskets while creating a natural look.

  • 12″ Basket come 10 per box.  Each basket is 12″ x 12″ x 7″.  The Hanger is 23″ tall, rigid 1/4″ wire hanger.
  • 14″ Basket come 10 per box.  Each basket is 14″ x 14″ x 8″.  The Hanger is 25″ tall, rigid 1/4″ wire hanger.
  • 16″ Basket come 10 per box.  Each basket is 16″ x 16″ x 9″.  The Hanger is 28″ tall, rigid 5/6″ wire hanger.
  • 18″ Basket come 10 per box.  Each basket is 18″ x 18″ x 9″.  The Hanger is 30″ tall, rigid 5/6″ wire hanger.

Premium Grid Hanging Basket with Coco liner

These heavy-duty hanging baskets are made for the commercial and home environment, and are a popular choice for city beautification projects, shopping malls, theme parks, and other outdoor areas. Sturdy and durable, these industrial-grade hanging baskets are made from heavy-duty steel, including heavy gauge hanging hook, allowing them to withstand extreme heat and freezing conditions with no problem. Plus, the 100% Natural Coco Liners that come standard with these baskets will ensure healthy, aerated soil year around. Imported Item.

UPS Shipping Rates

UPS considers the boxes these baskets come in as “over-sized” and there is a premium on shipping we can not control.  If you are wanting to order more than one case please reach out using the form below. We can get you a quote using an LTL carrier for multiple boxes of this item and save you money on shipping.  You may also use this form if you are a retail business looking for wholesale price quote for our products, MOQ do apply.  We will get you out a quote for shipping with-in 8 business hours (Monday – Friday).

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