Oregon Wire has been the Pacific Northwest’s premier wire fabrication company for over four decades, producing the strongest bale ties and box wire in the Pacific Northwest. Large inventories of baling wire are available for quick delivery to Portland and throughout the Multnomah County area. Our baling wire is packaged for virtually any application, including stand wire, box wire and bale ties. With exceptional high strength and elongation, our baling wire is engineered to perform in the toughest baling application, tie after tie. Cardboard baling wire in the Portland area. Automated balers in the Portland region. Better wire than Vulcan Wire, Acoustical Solutions, Accent Wire, Pacific Wire, Eastern Wire, Grainger and Uline. Additional Oregon Baling Wire Service Areas: Albany Baling Wire, Ashland Baling Wire, Beaverton Baling Wire, Bend Baling Wire, Canby Baling Wire, Central Point Baling Wire, Clackamas Baling Wire, Coos Bay Baling Wire, Corvallis Baling Wire, Dallas Baling Wire, Eugene Baling Wire, Grants Pass Baling Wire, Gresham Baling Wire, Happy Valley Baling Wire, Hermiston Baling Wire, Hillsboro Baling Wire, Klamath Falls Baling Wire, Lake Oswego Baling Wire, Lebanon Baling Wire, McMinnville Baling Wire, Medford Baling Wire, Newberg Baling Wire, Oregon City Baling Wire, Pendleton Baling Wire, Redmond Baling Wire, Roseburg Baling Wire, Salem Baling Wire, Sherwood Baling Wire, Springfield Baling Wire, The Dalles Baling Wire, Troutdale Baling Wire, Tualatin Baling Wire, West Linn Baling Wire, Wilsonville Baling Wire

Stand and Stem Wire


To bundle cardboard, paper, and various other recyclable materials, galvanized stand wire, also known as carrier wire, stump wire, or stem wire, is utilized. Other common names for this type of wire include stand wire and stump wire. Consumers are given the opportunity, through a method known as baling, to tightly compress their own goods, thereby ensuring that their purchases are both secure and compact at all times. When common items like plastic and cardboard are recycled, the baling processes that take place typically involve the utilization of galvanized stem wire as one of the primary wire types.

Because it is made of high-tensile galvanized steel, this particular type of wire is exceptionally durable. It is utilized in auto-tie balers, two-ram balers, and even double-ram balers because of its capacity to withstand significant amounts of pressure. In addition to this, because it is of such a high quality as to be classified as baler wire, it can also be coiled and packaged on large steel carriers.

Our Stand Wire works with balers from International Baler, American Baler, Harris, G-Baler, Sierra, IPS, Marathon, and Balemaster, to name a few.

Galvanized Hi-Tensile Stand Wire


Because it has a zinc coating, galvanized stand wire is more resistant to corrosion than uncoated stem wire. It is also the more cost-effective choice, particularly when contrasted with bright wire rope. In case that wasn't enough, research has come to the conclusion that galvanized stem wire can also provide continuous protection for steel for up to 170 years.


If you decide to buy galvanized stem wire from Oregon Wire, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest-quality product at the most competitive price available. You would never have to worry about not getting your money's worth because the price is determined per pound, with the typical shipping weight falling somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 pounds.


Recycling - Oregon Wire provides recyclers with a wide range of steel wire materials including high tensile stand wire, single looped bale ties, and boxed black annealed boxed wire (50 and 100 lbs. coils).

Waste Management - Oregon Wire provides wire solutions to the waste management industry and its professionals. Single looped bale ties, boxed baling wire (50 and 100 lbs. coils) and high tensile stand wire available for delivery as early as today.

Packaging - America's packing industry is using a record number of materials and Oregon Wire is there to supply them with their wire needs.  From boxed wire to bale ties, we help keep the packing industry's paper and cardboard bound together.

Facility Maintenance - Oregon Wire provides maintenance professionals with solutions to fulfill any wire needs they may have. From  black annealed or galvanized mechanic wire, baling machine boxed wire or galvanized single loop bale ties. We have your items in stock and ready to ship at a moments notice.

Building Contractors - Oregon Wire provides contractors with various lengths and gauges of ceiling and acoustic wire, tie wire and, box wire and steel wire remesh sheets. From stainless to galvanized or even black annealed, we have your needs met.

Oregon Wire products being used in a recycling facility in Bend, Oregon
Oregon Wire steel wire rolls on construction site.