Oregon Wire has been the Pacific Northwest’s premier wire fabrication company for over four decades, producing the strongest quality acoustical ceiling wire for the Portland Oregon area. We produce straight 12 gauge wire, 12 gauge wire with Ramset and Seismic clips for every job. Trying to use another type of wire in this application may be tempting, but it would never be quite right. Our acoustic ceiling hangers are specifically designed and manufactured with these types of ceilings in mind. The wire is shipped to you pre-cut to accurate lengths (4’, 6’, 8’ 10’, 12’, and 20’). Each bundle includes 100 wires, and custom lengths up to 30’ are available. Better wire than Vulcan Wire, Acoustical Solutions, Accent Wire, Pacific Wire, Eastern Wire, Grainger and Uline. Additional Oregon Baling Wire Service Areas: Albany Acoustical Wire, Ashland Acoustical Wire, Beaverton Acoustical Wire, Bend Acoustical Wire, Canby Acoustical Wire, Central Point Acoustical Wire, Clackamas Acoustical Wire, Coos Bay Acoustical Wire, Corvallis Acoustical Wire, Dallas Acoustical Wire, Eugene Acoustical Wire, Grants Pass Acoustical Wire, Gresham Acoustical Wire, Happy Valley Acoustical Wire, Hermiston Acoustical Wire, Hillsboro Acoustical Wire, Klamath Falls Baling Wire, Lake Oswego Baling Wire, Lebanon Baling Wire, McMinnville Acoustical Wire, Medford Acoustical Wire, Newberg Acoustical Wire, Oregon City Acoustical Wire, Pendleton Acoustical Wire, Redmond Acoustical Wire, Roseburg Acoustical Wire, Salem Acoustical Wire, Sherwood Acoustical Wire, Springfield Acoustical Wire, The Dalles Acoustical Wire, Troutdale Acoustical Wire, Tualatin Acoustical Wire, West Linn Acoustical Wire, Wilsonville Acoustical Wire

Stranded Wire Products

Guy Strand

Ensure structural stability and support with Guy Strand from Oregon Wire. Also referred to as guy wires or guy cables, these tensioned cables are essential for construction and engineering projects. Our high-quality Guy Strands effectively prevent the buckling, swaying, or collapse of poles, towers, masts, and other tall structures when faced with challenging conditions like wind, ice, or seismic forces. Count on Oregon Wire to deliver 5,000' reels of reliable Guy Strand for your next venture. Contact us today to secure your project's success.

Here are some key applications of guy strands:

  • Telephone poles
  • Cell phone towers
  • Radio broadcasting towers or masts
  • Wind turbines
  • Ship masts
  • Tents
  • Steel Trellis
Specifications: ASTM-A475
Sizes: Diameter Range: 1/4 - 3/8 inch, with custom sizes available
Coating: Class A
Possible Strength grades: Utilities
High Strength
Extra High Strength
Advantages: Highly Resistant to Corrosion

Aircraft Cable (wire rope)

Despite what its name suggests, aircraft cable is used for far more than just the aircraft industry. It is a thin, flexible steel strand available in a variety of strengths, applications and coatings, and is suitable for aircraft, maritime, military, industrial and commercial use in a variety of applications. This cable is available as either stainless steel or galvanized steel wire. Stainless steel aircraft cable is more corrosion resistant and is recommended for harsher or salt-water conditions. For milder settings, galvanized aircraft cable is an affordable alternative to stainless steel, although it is not recommended for aircraft applications.

The particular advantage to aircraft cable is that despite its flexibility and thin diameter (1/4 inch or less), its multi-strand configuration makes aircraft cable remarkably strong (from 1 X 7 to 7 X 19). For this reason, it is often used to secure large objects such as aircraft or shipping crates during transport.

Here are some key applications of aircraft cable:

  • Aircraft control
  • Boat docks
  • Securing ship cargo
  • Zip lines
  • Stage rigging
  • Winches and pulleys
  • Garage door cable
  • Exercise equipment
  • Commercial growers