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Northwest Winegrape Growers agree, Oregon Wire has the solutions you need. Find out how our pricing, expertise and lead times can help your bottom line.

  • High Tensile Trellis Wire
    • Class 1 & 3 Galvanized
    • 12.5 Ga - High Tensile (145-175 ksi)
    • 14 Ga - High Tensile (145-175 ksi)
    • Gal Fan, aluminum coated wire
    • 100# Coil or 2000# Continuous Coils
  • Vineyard Trellis Post
    • Rolled Edge
    • Diamond Forged
    • T-Post
    • Wood Post
  • Notched Cross Arms
    • 12" - 18" - 24" Length
    • Custom Sizes Available
  • Stakes
    • Formed Steel
    • Bamboo
    • Pencil Rod
    • Looped-end
  • Grow Tubes / Milk Cartons
    • Polyethylene Material
    • 3-5 Year UV Protection
    • Herbicide / Pesticide Resistant
    • Adjustable Width Grow Tubes
  • Custom Steel Trellis
  • Vertical Line Post
  • Wood Trellis Post
  • Steel Trellis Post
  • Staples & Clips
  • Nico Press
  • Tie Tape & Tie Tubing
  • Wire Tensioners
  • Custom wire products
Northwest Winegrape Growers get your Notched Steel Post from Oregon Wire for your vineyard

Oregon Wire is a proud member of these organizations:

Proud Member of the Oregon Winegrower Association
Proud Member of the Washington Winegrower Association
Proud Member of the California Association of Winegrape Growers

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Grow Tubes from Oregon Wire, protect your crops

Protect Your Vineyard

Grow tubes and cartons provide protection to young grapevines against environmental factors such as wind, temperature fluctuations, and pests. They create a microclimate around the vine, which helps reduce stress and promote healthy growth.

Similar to tree fruit growers, vineyard owners use grow tubes and cartons to control weed competition around the base of the grapevines. By preventing weed growth in the immediate vicinity of the vines, they minimize competition for resources such as water, nutrients, and sunlight.

In some cases, grow tubes and cartons can contribute to disease prevention. By reducing contact between the foliage and the ground, they may help minimize the risk of soil-borne diseases or fungal infections.

Oregon Wire is your one stop solution for vineyard supplies including grow tubes and cartons.


Hardwired For Service & Satisfaction

At Oregon Wire, we get it right the first time. When it comes to commercial grower products and systems, you won’t find better consistency in pricing, service, or high-quality work anywhere in the Northwest.

We are all about saving you time and money. Through honest communication and flexibility, we’ll give efficient solutions for your needs as a commercial grower.

That way, you’ll get bigger yield and better quality produce season after season, year after year.


Winegrape Grower supplies from Oregon Wire for the Willamette Valley and Yakima Valley.