Point-of-Purchase Displays

Since 1973, Oregon Wire has been shaping the future of wire, including designing and manufacturing Point of Sale Displays.

The Importance of Point-of-Purchase Displays to Your Business

Custom POP from Oregon Wire

Stores are places where consumers come to buy. That means that the merchandise you have on display there matters. It has to be interesting and useful for your customers, and it has to be easy for them to find things so they can make a purchase as quickly as possible.

The point-of-purchase (or POP) is an area of one or more small retail stores where potential customers are most likely to make a purchase. This is where they’re going to look closely at the products and services you have available, so everything there has to be enticing enough for them not only to stop by but also to walk right up and make a purchase.

It goes without saying that if you want people going into your establishment, then point-of-purchase displays are key in luring them in.

What is your Point-of-Purchase Display Strategy?

This is how you organize the way you’re going to display all your products and services in your retail store. First off, you want to make sure that the layout of your POP is designed to be efficient. Here are a few POP layout ideas to get you started:

Sales floor – with all your products and/or services on display and arranged in a way so that customers can easily find what they’re looking for

Bases and islands – with one island dedicated to a specific type of product or service; – Vertical racks – with items organized by category, with the top and bottom of the rack reserved for larger items

Horizontal racks – with items either organized by category or by brand, with the middle of the rack reserved for larger items.

Why is a Point-of-Purchase Display Important?

There are a few reasons why you want to wrap your POP in product displays. You want to let people know about new products you have for sale. You can do this by having product displays that highlight your current stock, so people walking into your shop will see all your products right away. This can also be helpful if you have new products coming out soon that you want to let people know about. You want to let people know where they can buy your products. You want to incorporate information about both the product itself and where they can buy it in your POP display. This can be done in several different ways: a floor sign, hanging rack sign, or wall sign.

How to Choose an Advertising Medium for Your POP Displays

There are many different ways to display your company’s products and services in your retail store. However, how you choose to do it has a huge impact on the impact both the customers and the staff have from the experience. Here are a few tips to help you select the right advertising medium for your store.

Be clear on your branding. This is especially important if your POP is on the sales floor, where customers are most likely to walk right past your displays and miss out on the information you have there. If you want people to stop and read your branding, they need to see it.

Be consistent. This is important in many ways, not just with brand identity, but also with the size of your ad and the colors used. If customers are repeatedly distracted by things like a sign that says “Antiques” but that’s written in red letters on a yellow background, then they’re not going to take in the information as clearly as they should be.

Think beyond the signage. The signs on your POP may be the most obvious part of your advertising strategy, but they can also be the most overlooked. People may be staring at these signs for a long time, so make sure they’re doing so with the information you want them to have on there.

Examples of Custom Wire Displays Made by Oregon Wire

Who to Call for Custom POP Displays

When you’re trying to get attention for your products or services in a retail store, you can’t afford to fall short in any way. So, make sure your shop is filled with interesting and useful POP displays that get you noticed and encourage people to come in and make a purchase. If you have an idea or design you need produced, Oregon Wire has you covered.  You Design It!  We Build It! Our engineering staff can take your napkin sketch and turn it into reality.  Since 1973, Oregon Wire has been proud to be a solution-oriented company. Whether you’re needing a completely custom product engineered for your budget, an off-the-shelf product that suits your needs, or something in between, our goal is to provide you with American-made products that will continue to serve you well. Check out our Custom Fabrication Solutions page for more ideas and see a video of our custom fabrication crew.

Oregon Wire is the Pacific Northwest’s premier job shop that makes it easy to get your custom project done.  Our displays are custom designed, providing you the opportunity to incorporate colorful graphics, unique shaped header panels, mix and match with peg hooks and/or shelves.  Whether you need a prototype, an order of 10 or 1000 pieces, give Oregon Wire a call today.