Wire Basket: A Guide to Their Materials and Features

Wire Basket: A Guide to Their Materials and Features

Whether you’re looking to make a buying decision or just want to learn more about steel wire baskets, this article is packed with useful information. You’ll find an explanation of the different materials used in making these baskets and the pros and cons of each one. We also cover some of the features that can be found on different models. These include welded vs. seamed edges, high-impact plastic handles, molded grip holes, and others. Let’s take a closer look at what makes these baskets unique.

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Wire Basket, Custom Fabrication by Oregon Wire in Portland, Oregon.

What Are Wire Basket Shelves?

Wire baskets are a type of storage unit. They’re usually made out of steel wire that’s woven together to form a basket shape. The wire used in these baskets is typically very strong, and it can be woven in many different ways to produce baskets that have different strengths and levels of durability. They’re commonly used as shelving units or to store items on a pallet or in a bin. Wire basket shelves are an ideal way to store heavy items that don’t require the rigidity of a rigid shelving unit. They can also be used as a surface for light items that need to be kept off the ground. What type of wire basket you choose will depend on the type of items you plan to store and how many units you need. There are many different sizes and widths of wire baskets available. Typically, they come in single widths as well as double widths to accommodate more items. Wire baskets are often used as a form of storage in a variety of different settings. They’re commonly used in warehouses and manufacturing settings, as well as in retail stores. They’re also used in homes and offices for storing a variety of things, from books to magazines.

Why Use Wire Baskets as Shelving?

If you’re wondering why you should use wire basket as shelves, here are some good reasons to consider this type of display:

  • Organization – Because they are so easy to stack and organize, these shelves offer plenty of organization options. You can use them to group similar items together, like smaller items like groceries, cosmetics, and cleaning supplies. In addition to making it easy to find the things you need, these shelves also make your store or facility look more organized and efficient.
  • Visual Appeal – Because they’re made from wire, these shelves are often covered in a mesh or a cloth material. This makes them look more appealing than a metal shelving system, which can be very industrial. A wire basket shelf can be a great way to showcase items you want people to see, like small gifts, snacks, or other impulse items.
  • Small or heavy items – If you need to store small or heavy items, like gas cans, paint cans, or other items that might fall off a normal shelf, you might want to consider these shelves. This is because wire baskets offer a lot of support, so these items won’t fall off easily.

Wire basket shelving units are perfect for retail stores, shop storage and manufacturing facilities.

Why Use Wire Baskets In Your Assembly Line?

If your manufacturing line makes parts that need to be sorted and organized, then wire baskets are a must. As soon as parts begin to hit the assembly line, they start to build up on the floor. As more parts are added, it becomes harder to keep them organized. When this happens, it impacts overall production time as well as the quality of the end product. To prevent this, all assembly lines that use sorting and organizing parts should use wire baskets. Wire Baskets can be easily attached to the assembly line using hooks. They can be moved around the line as needed to accommodate the parts that need organizing. 

When it comes to manufacturing, speed is of the essence. To ensure that they can keep up production, manufacturers will often implement assembly line technology. If you’re looking for ways to streamline your manufacturing processes and increase efficiency, contact Oregon Wire for options to have wire baskets custom fabricated for your business.

Material Options for Wire Baskets

There are a few different materials that are used in the construction of wire baskets. What type of wire basket you choose will depend on the items you plan to store and how long you plan to keep them. If you plan to store items that are subject to damage from moisture or that can be easily stained, it’s a good idea to go with a stainless-steel wire basket.   There are a lot of different grades of stainless steel on the market. Two of the most used alloys of steel are grade 304 and grade 316 stainless. Stainless steel baskets are water-resistant, so they’re a good choice for items that are likely to be stored in a humid environment. They’re also a good option if you plan to store items that are likely to be exposed to grease, oil, or chemicals. Stainless steel baskets look great in a retail showroom.

If you plan to store more delicate items, such as documents, it’s a good idea to go with a powder coated wire basket. Powder coated wire baskets are less resistant to damage than stainless steel baskets, so they’re a better option for storing items that don’t get dirty or that need to be kept away from moisture.

If your use is in a manufacturing or assembly line setting, you might opt for a galvanized steel wire basket. They are not as aesthetically pleasing as stainless steel, but the zinc coating will keep your basket from rusting.

Features to Look for in Wire Baskets

When you’re shopping for wire baskets, there are a few key features to keep an eye out for. The first is the quality of the wire. Look for a basket that’s made from high-quality steel wire. Look for a basket that is woven tightly, as this will help to keep the basket from sagging over time. You’ll also want to make sure that the edges of the wire basket are welded together. The welded edges will help to prevent the basket from being torn by heavy items that are stored inside. You’ll also want to look for a basket that includes a lip. The lip on the basket will help to keep the items that you’re storing inside the basket.

Where to Find Wire Baskets

Oregon Wire has been shaping the future of wire since 1973.  We welcome you to contact us with your drawings, sketch, or sample of wire basket you are looking for in your business application.  Our production facility in Portland, Oregon proudly manufactures wire fabrication products big and small, in prototype quantities to full scale commercial production. 

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