Galvanized Hi-Tensile Stand Wire – 13 Gauge

Galvanized stand wire, also commonly known as carrier wire, stump wire or stem wire, is used to newspaper, cardboard, metal and plastics. This process, known as baling, allows recyclers the ability to compress their material tightly to ensure that they remain safe and compact at all times.


Galvanized Hi-Tensile Stand Wire – 13 Gauge

Oregon Wire has been the Pacific Northwest’s premier wire supplier since 1973. Offering a diverse selection of products, from Galvanized Hi-Tensile Stand Wire to bale ties and box wire. Oregon Wire proudly offers Hi-Tensile Galvanized Wire for the recycling and waste management industry.  Hi-Tensile wire is the most resistant wire on the market. It is engineered for the toughest baling applications thanks to its strength and elongation.


Stand Wire also known as Stem Wire is:

  • High Tensile Wire
  • 1500-2000 lbs on stand
  • Great for Recycling
  • 145 ksi
  • Available in 11, 12 or 13 gauge

Being high tensile galvanized steel wire, this type of wire is incredibly strong. It can withstand great amounts of pressure, which is why it is used in auto-tie balers, two-ram balers, and even double-ram balers. Not only that but, as it is deemed as being high-grade baler wire, it can also be coiled and packaged on large steel carriers. This means that a wide range of brands can use it for their balers; Designed for use in two-ram balers and automatic wire tying machines.


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