Nursery Stakes – Galvanized Steel

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Galvanized Steel Nursery Stakes

Oregon Wire is a USA Manufacture, we produce quality galvanized wire nursery stakes. The advantages of using galvanized metal plant stakes over other materials are their superior strength, economy, and durability. Unlike rebar posts, there is no concern for rust or corrosion, and the smooth surface prevents damage like knots, gouges, and scratches. Galvanized steel wire nursery stakes also won’t deteriorate in wet conditions like a tree stabilizer made from bamboo or another wood.

We’ve developed custom products such as for the Apple and Hop industry that are essential for harvest including looped nursery stakes and custom steel wire trellis system.  We have also designed and manufacture products for the cannabis industry; including custom cages and pot stands.

Galvanized Steel Nursery Stakes

  • Available in any diameter desired
  • Custom made in any length
  • Produced in our Portland, Oregon facility
  • Made to Order

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