Types of Wire Forms

Types of Wire Forms

Custom POP from Oregon Wire
Custom Wire Forms from Oregon Wire

The number of shapes, configurations and wire designs are endless as new ones are constantly being developed. Wire forms can create any shape imaginable, from complex and intricate three-dimensional designs to simple hooks and springs. A lot of the things we use have some kind of wiring.

At Oregon Wire, we’re proud to be a solution-based company that can provide custom fabrication of your products. Whether you need a custom product tailored to your budget, an off-the-shelf product that suits your needs, or something in between, our goal is to provide you with American-made products that will serve you well.

Here are some examples of wire forms we have custom fabricated for customers. If you are looking for a product made out of wire, bright basic steel, galvanized or stainless steel, contact Oregon Wire for a product review and see if we can partner together.

Wire Baskets

Wire Baskets are used for bulk storage of parts, equipment, and components. They are made of a welded wire mesh. Some forms have a rust-resistant electro galvanized finish to prevent wear and rusting. The open mesh design provides excellent strength, inventory control, visibility, and forklift access. In production facilities, they can be used to strategically place parts for easy access.

Wire Displays

Wire displays are a durable and cost-effective means of presenting products. They are made by bending, casting, and forming low, medium, or high carbon steel wire, but can also be made from stainless steel, copper, and aluminum brass. Once formed from wire they can be coated, plated or painted.

Utility Hook

Multipurpose hooks have a threaded end and hook, allowing for easy installation. A utility hook requires multiple bends during the manufacturing process, including an offset bend on either side of the loop with a bend at the end of the loop touching the other side.

S Hooks

Both ends of an S hook are bent to shape the S shape. They are commonly used for putting item up in a garage or for organizing cables, hoses, and cords as a protection measure. S Hooks depending on the length can also be used as paint hooks in the powder coating process.

Wire Screens

Wire screens have thin metal wires that are crossed horizontally and vertically to form an open protective barrier to limit access and material flow. The crossing wires are welded or woven. The wire used is shaped to the appropriate diameter by one of several wire forming processes. In the welding process, the rows and columns are welded together at their intersection by a pre-programmed machine. With woven wire mesh, the process is similar to that of woven fabric, where the wire goes over and under at perpendicular intersections. Oregon Wire uses both Manual Jig Welding and Robotic Welding when making wire screens.

Wire Fan Guards

There are many types of wire fan guards designed to prevent access to sensitive equipment, wires, instruments and materials. Hinged Wire Guards or Wire Cages are used to protect sensitive equipment in high traffic areas of activities related to manufacturing facilities and sports fields. Open wire guards prevent activation of fire alarms or emergency stops. They are used to enclose automated and robotic machines, tanks, heavy equipment, engines, and HVAC scroll fans.

Oregon Wire Custom Wire Fabrication

At Oregon Wire, we partner with suppliers to ensure you’re offered the best materials and pricing available. Read more about the services we can provide, and use the form to get a quote fast. We look forward to creating new and exciting things with you!

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