Oregon Wire has been the Pacific Northwest’s premier wire fabrication company for over four decades, producing the strongest bale ties and box wire in the Pacific Northwest. Large inventories of baling wire are available for quick delivery to Portland and throughout the Multnomah County area. Our baling wire is packaged for virtually any application, including stand wire, box wire and bale ties. With exceptional high strength and elongation, our baling wire is engineered to perform in the toughest baling application, tie after tie. Cardboard baling wire in the Portland area. Automated balers in the Portland region. Better wire than Vulcan Wire, Acoustical Solutions, Accent Wire, Pacific Wire, Eastern Wire, Grainger and Uline. Additional Oregon Baling Wire Service Areas: Albany Baling Wire, Ashland Baling Wire, Beaverton Baling Wire, Bend Baling Wire, Canby Baling Wire, Central Point Baling Wire, Clackamas Baling Wire, Coos Bay Baling Wire, Corvallis Baling Wire, Dallas Baling Wire, Eugene Baling Wire, Grants Pass Baling Wire, Gresham Baling Wire, Happy Valley Baling Wire, Hermiston Baling Wire, Hillsboro Baling Wire, Klamath Falls Baling Wire, Lake Oswego Baling Wire, Lebanon Baling Wire, McMinnville Baling Wire, Medford Baling Wire, Newberg Baling Wire, Oregon City Baling Wire, Pendleton Baling Wire, Redmond Baling Wire, Roseburg Baling Wire, Salem Baling Wire, Sherwood Baling Wire, Springfield Baling Wire, The Dalles Baling Wire, Troutdale Baling Wire, Tualatin Baling Wire, West Linn Baling Wire, Wilsonville Baling Wire

Wire Mesh from Oregon Wire

Oregon Wire: Revolutionizing Concrete Construction with Advanced Wire Mesh & Remesh Solutions

Discover the utility of Oregon Wire's innovative Wire Mesh and Remesh solutions. Our state-of-the-art welded wire reinforcement (WWR) delivers efficient and economical alternatives to traditional rebar in concrete construction. Harness the seamless blend of time and cost savings with our precision welded wire mesh, an advancement that eliminates the painstaking process of tying rebar while ensuring stable wire positioning during concrete placement.

Whether you're looking to strengthen retaining walls, bleachers, or cell phone towers, Oregon Wire’s wire mesh technology is the cutting-edge choice for concrete construction. Trust in the strength and durability of our Remesh products, and step into the future of concrete reinforcement today.

Plain Steel Wire Mesh


  • Road beds
  • Walkway beds
  • Concrete foundations
  • Industrial strength floors and ceilings
  • Concrete walls
  • Factory conveyor belts
  • Kitchen strainers
  • Various filtering applications
  • Furniture and decor
  • Fencing

Reinforcement and Construction Uses

Discover the powerful intersection of Reinforcement and Construction with our robust Wire Mesh solutions. When it comes to concrete and asphalt applications, our mesh plays an instrumental role in reinforcing structures—from roadways to walkways and floors—minimizing the occurrence of cracks and concrete deterioration. This cost-effective alternative to rebar delivers not just durability, but also adaptability.

Our mesh isn't confined to static applications. It also thrives in environments demanding a mix of flexibility, mobility, and support, like conveyor belt systems. Explore the multifaceted utility of our wire mesh in reinforcement and construction, designed for the demands of the modern world.

Enhance Your Filtering Solutions with High-Quality Wire Mesh from Oregon Wire

Discover the incredible potential of wire mesh as the ultimate filtering solution. At Oregon Wire, we offer a wide selection of wire mesh products designed to optimize your filtering applications. With its exceptional permeability, wire mesh effectively traps specific elements while allowing others to pass through seamlessly. Whether you need to manage falling rocks on cliff sides, create ball stops at driving ranges and batting cages, or even employ thin wire mesh in your kitchen strainers and household items, we have you covered.

Our wire mesh comes in various tensile strengths and grid sizes, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your specific requirements. Oregon Wire takes pride in offering superior-quality products that meet the highest standards in the industry. We understand the importance of efficiency and convenience, which is why we stock 8' x 20' sheets of wire mesh in our warehouse for quick and easy pick-up.

Empower your filtering solutions with the reliability and versatility of wire mesh from Oregon Wire. Explore our extensive range of products today and take the first step towards enhanced filtering performance.