Black Annealed Box Wire – 100lb Box


Black Annealed Box Wire – 100lb Box; Frequently used in single or double RAM bales and auto-tie balers.


Black Annealed Box Wire

Black annealed box wire or baling wire is very durable in nature but has the added bonus of being flexible and easier to use – making it one of the most popular forms of baler wire. It has a light, even coating of oil which helps it pass through your baler machine or cardboard compactor.

How many feet are in a 100lb. coil of baler wire?

Box wire comes prepackaged in an easy open box for loading in your  the amount of feet contained in a coil of wire depends on the gauge of wire requested. We stock baler wire in 10 gauge, 11 gauge, and 12gauge, the feet contained in each 100 lb. coil are below:

Gauge Diameter Feet/coil
10ga 0.135 2000-2100 ft.
11ga 0.120 2500-2600 ft.
12ga 0.105 3300-3400

When you choose Oregon Wire as your box wire supplier, we will always be able to provide a guarantee that each product that you purchase has been tested. No matter what it is you buy, we have the mill certifications available to prove that each of your products has been tested to their literal breaking point.

Additional information

Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions N/A

10 Gauge, 11 Gauge, 12 Gauge