Welcome to Oregon Wire Oregon Wire has been the Pacific Northwest’s premier wire fabrication company for over four decades, with advanced wire bending, wire cutting, and wire forming capabilities. We produce the strongest bale ties and box wire available on the market. Baling wire engineered to perform with high strength and elongation. We ship large quantities of wire throughout the U.S. That ensures quick delivery and high quality at a great price. Choose from galvanized or black annealed box wire. It is designed for use with automatic balers and is the ideal wire for the recycling, agriculture and construction industries.Stand wire is engineered for the toughest baling applications. Choose from Galvanized Hi-Tensile™ or Black Annealed stand wire. Baling machines have unique specifications for the bale ties that can be used. Oregon Wire manufactures single-loop bale ties for easy-to-feed, bend and hand-tie baling applications. Black Annealed Carrier Wire is ideal for single-ram balers. More organizations buy black annealed carrier wire from Oregon Wire than any other supplier. Choose from Box Wire, Stand Wire, Bale Ties, Single-Loop Bale Ties, Black Annealed Carrier Wire, Cardboard Baling Wire and Baler Wire. When you partner with Oregon Wire, you are working with a responsive supplier that prioritizes performance, reliability, and maintenance simplicity. Our products are developed with an engineering focus that exceed industry standards. And unlike most suppliers in the industry, you can turn to use for all your wire needs. We offer the highest quality products available. 9 Gauge Wire 10 Gauge Wire 11 Gauge Wire 12 Gauge Wire 13 Gauge Wire 14 Gauge Wire Galvanized wire is used with two-ram (double-ram) balers and automatic wire tying machines, while black annealed wire is used with single-ram balers Galvanized and black annealed wire is the ideal baling wire for the recycling, agriculture and construction industries, as it's resilient and easy to work with. Choose from 50 lb (45 per pallet) and 100 lb (36 per pallet) boxes. More organizations buy box wire from Oregon Wire than any other provider in Oregon. Box Wire In Stock for Delivery Nationwide Bale Ties In Stock for Delivery Nationwide Wire Mesh In Stock for Delivery Nationwide Ceiling Wire In Stock for Delivery Nationwide Acoustical Wire In Stock for Delivery Nationwide

Industrial Steel Wire


From bale ties and box wire to industrial steel wire, Oregon Wire is shaping the future of wire products. Our products are American-made in our Portland, Oregon plant, providing you with top quality products that will handle the job. From mending fences, to binding hay bales, paper, or aluminum, our wire will support your industrial needs. Our dedicated staff make us the partner you can rely on for competitive prices and reliable delivery.





Recycling - We provide recyclers with a wide range of steel wire materials including high tensile stand wire, single looped bale ties, and boxed black annealed boxed wire (50 and 100 lbs. coils).

Waste Management - Oregon Wire provides wire solutions to the waste management industry and its professionals. Single looped bale ties, boxed baling wire (50 and 100 lbs. coils) and high tensile stand wire available for delivery as early as today.

Packaging - America's packing industry is using a record number of materials and Oregon Wire is there to supply them with their wire needs.  From boxed wire to bale ties, we help keep the packing industry's paper and cardboard bound together.

Facility Maintenance - Oregon Wire provides maintenance professionals with solutions to fulfill any wire needs they may have. From  black annealed or galvanized mechanic wire, baling machine boxed wire or galvanized single loop bale ties. We have your items in stock and ready to ship at a moments notice.

Building Contractors - Oregon Wire provides contractors with industrial steel wire including; various lengths and gauges of ceiling and acoustic wire, tie wire and, box wire and steel wire remesh sheets. From stainless to galvanized or even black annealed, we have your needs met.

Oregon Wire products being used in a recycling facility in Bend, Oregon
Oregon Wire steel wire rolls on construction site.